How writing helps in problem solving

Did you know that writing is actually therapeutic?

Well, it is and here I am going to show you how to solve everyday problems by using writing. Human beings have very powerful and imaginative brains that they rarely use to the maximum. Studies have actually proven that investors like Albert Einstein used a little more of their brains that an average person. You do not have to be a genius to do exceptional things. After all, some of the world’s wealthiest people like Bill Gates were thought to be stupid in their early stages of learning. So back to writing and how you can use this powerful tool not only to solve problems but also do exceptional things.

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Here are strategies that anyone can adopt:
1. Writing and More Writing

When you put a pen on paper or open a word document what comes to mind? One thing you realise is that once to take the first step your brain is tuned and ready to think. Some professional writers use this technique to generate ideas. They just take a pen and a paper and write whatever comes to mind. You often realise that when you are given a topic to write about, it can be difficult to come up with ideas. The secret is not to worry too much about what to write and just embarking on writing anything that comes to mind.

Here are ways that you can practice writing and more writing:

  • – Make sure that the environment is favourable for you to avoid distractions in your thinking process
  • – Prepare for the task early by putting in place all the materials you might need for the process
  • – If you plan on writing about a specific topic do a thorough research on your topic.

2. Meditate Through Writing

Writing is a sure way to relieve stress and vent out negative energy from your system.

For instance, if you are upset about not getting the grades you desire in school you can go to a secluded place and write down what you think might have been the cause. In addition, you can write down strategies that you think might help you solve the problem. It is much more like opening up to a friend because it helps you get the stress off your system. However, writing is much better because you can deal with very private issues that you would not otherwise share with anyone. One of the best writers in history wrote about their own personal experiences. You can also take advantage of this method to deal with stress.

3. Writing and Research

Have you ever wondered why people conduct research before writing?

Well the answer is that once they establish the problem they are compelled to look for the existing literature on the said topic. So when you are writing about anything the primary goal is to solve a given problem.

For instance, you might be given a paper to write about the effects of global warming. What the paper requires is that you contribute towards solving the problem of global warming.

You can follow the steps below to write a paper like this one: 

  • – Think of the problem in question and internalise it
  • – If you are not sure what the topic means to find out from a dictionary and the internet the meaning of the keywords in your topic
  • – Conduct research on the said topic to find out what other people have written about the topic
  • – Think of how the problem affects you or how it affects the community in which you live
  • – Come up with ways to solve the problem and reference accordingly

By taking these steps you will realise that you are actually solving a problem. However, sometimes research becomes difficult. You can easily take advantage of sites like to get research papers done for you. This is actually an easy and direct way to solve problems.